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No, I'm not fine

Every time I listen to Dr. Marc Brackett discuss his research and findings on emotional intelligence, the world begins to make a little more sense to me. I recently listened to his podcast with BrenĂ© Brown as he discussed his latest book, Permission to Feel, and here are some key takeaways for me: When we talk about how we're doing, we tend to be superficial. (Not surprising, and can deeply relate here) We aren't honest about our feelings when speaking with someone in a higher position of power than us. This has to do with "meta-emotions" - the feelings about our feelings. (Ex. If I tell my boss I'm stressed out, they'll think I'm incompetent.) We often don't want to put in the time and energy in dealing with other people's feelings (which is probably one of the reasons we don't divulge ourselves).  What you witness as anger might be someone else feeling shame. We cannot always read the situation. Emotional Intelligence is a game changer.  I am

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